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Live In Concert: The Legend Continues CD

Live In Concert: The Legend Continues CD

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The Don Cossack Chorus & Dancers of America

Cossack troops from the Don region were captured and interred in a “death camp” near Constantinople following the 1917 Revolution in Russia. The conditions were treacherous, and as a means of survival, every night the troops gathered around a campfire and joined together in song. The solace and companionship of song allowed them to persevere, defying anger and death. For the men, song was freedom, transporting their minds to their homes and the loved ones they never thought they would see again.

After their release from the camp, the men were banned from their homes in the newly formed USSR. These men found themselves “Cossacks without a country” and chose to remain together as a group, travelling and singing at diplomatic functions, showing Europe “the soul of Russia”. A critic wrote, “The Don Cossack Singing prods the heart, tears it from the earth and exalts it to unattainable heights; the soft harmony heals the entire human being”. George Margitich studied closely under the founder of the chorus, Serge Jaroff, and began conducting the chorus in 1980.

Track listing
1. God Is with Us - 4:21
2. The Litany and The Lord's Prayer - 6:04
3. Lord Have Mercy - 2:57
4. First Psalm of David - 6:18
5. Lord Save Thy People, The 1812 Overture - 3:13
6. Memory Eternal - 2:16
7. Russian Dance - 3:23
8. Stenka Razin - 5:18
9. Evening Bells - 3:42
10. Volga Boatman - 4:11
11. The Tempest - 4:09
12. Lesginka Dance - 3:34
13. Down the Petrograd Road - 2:58
14. Monotonously Rings the Coach Bell - 4:32
15. Green Grass and Kalinka - 5:24
16. I'm Going Down by the River and at the Blacksmith - 2:52
17. Kol Slaven: How Great In Zion - 4:31


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