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Haydn: The Seasons - Oratorio (sung in English) <font color="bf0606"><i>DOWNLOAD ONLY</i></font> LEMS-8071

Haydn: The Seasons - Oratorio (sung in English) DOWNLOAD ONLY LEMS-8071

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"...there's an enthusiasm in these massed performances that's hard to duplicate in any other context...Bass-baritone Jan Opalach is terrific in the role of the farmer Simon, with perfectly clear articulation of the text (the 1970s American reworking of the English-language version of the oratorio) and a knack for the jolly, folkish tunes given to this character."

James Manheim
All Music Guide

Franz Joseph Haydn's The Seasons was completed and premiered in 1801, and Classical oratorio that links the past with the coming era of Romantic music. Set in a rural area of a pre-Industrial Age, this work depicts many aspects of life experiences in each of the four seasons, including friendship and love, success and hardship and reaping the rewards of harvest after manual labor. Under the direction of distinguished conductor, Johannes Somary, The Seasons is performed by the superb Fairfield County Chorale, along with the Amor Artis Classical Orchestra on period instruments, with the vocal talents of Susanne Peck, Charles Reid, & Jan Opalach. Produced by John Ostendorf. Modern English text edition by Alice Parker and Thomas Pyle.

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Disc 1
1. Spring: Overture - 4:27
2. Spring: Recitative, "Behold the blustery winter" - 2:14
3. Spring: Chorus, "Come, lovely spring" - 4:11
4. Spring: Recitative/Air, "From heaven's vault...At dawn" - 4:36
5. Spring: Recitative/Chorus, "The farmer...Heaven, we pray" - 5:30
6. Spring: Recitative/Trio/Chorus, "Our prayer...Ah how lovely" - 6:32
7. Spring: Chorus, "Merciful God" - 5:03
8. Summer: Trio/Chorus, "It climbs aloft" - 5:04
9. Summer: Recitative, "The fields are alive" - 2:03
10. Summer: Cavatina, "The earth succumbs" - 4:56
11. Summer: Recitative, "How welcome, then" - 3:54
12. Summer: Air, "What a haven" - 4:48
13. Summer: Recitative, "Now See" - 2:01
14. Summer: Chorus, "Ah, the thunderclouds" - 4:44
15. Summer: Trio/Chorus, "The gloomy clouds" - 5:12

Disc 2
1. Autumn: Opening - 2:05
2. Autumn: Trio/Chorus, "Thus harvest" - 7:02
3. Autumn: Recitative/Air, "Take time...Look far" - 4:32
4. Autumn: Recitative, "The rabbits now" - 0:46
5. Autumn: Hunting Chorus, "Hark!" - 4:38
6. Autumn: Recitative, "The heavy-laden vines" - 0:42
7. Autumn: Chorus, "Down-a, down-a" - 6:49
8. Winter: Opening - 3:05
9. Winter: Recitative, "The year now dying" - 2:43
10. Winter: Air, "A traveller stands there" - 4:31
11. Winter: Recitative/Chorus, "As he comes...Whirling" - 3:59
12. Winter: Recitative/Air, "Now the flaxen...An innocent" - 4:15
13. Winter: Recitative/Air, "Now from the east...Behold" - 5:33
14. Winter: Recitative, "Virtue alone" - 0:24
15. Winter: Finale, "The glorious morning dawns" - 6:08

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