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Lyrichord Archive Recordings

Long out-of-print world music recordings of the historic record label Lyrichord, now available as custom-made compact discs with the original liner notes included, and as digital downloads, also with the original liner notes included. These were previously available only as long-play (LP) albums

Multicultural Media/Lyrichord, is releasing dozens of selected back catalog recordings of the Lyrichord Discs label, titles that have not been available since they were released on LP decades ago. Lyrichord and Multicultural Media are making available these titles in the same way that back catalog titles from a few other notable American recording companies are available - as custom-made CD-Rs. We are reproducing the original color LP artwork with each CD and providing the original liner notes and photographs as a Portable Document Format (PDF) file right on the CD itself. The file can be accessed using a computer and either read on the screen or printed out for use in the classroom or individual use.