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Benjamin Britten: Six Metamorphoses, Suite, Phantasy Quartet - <font color="bf0606"><i>DOWNLOAD ONLY</i></font> LYR-6021

Benjamin Britten: Six Metamorphoses, Suite, Phantasy Quartet - DOWNLOAD ONLY LYR-6021

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A landmark reissue of a highly-praised recording by America’s foremost oboe master, the great Humbert Lucarelli.  Here Lucarelli and colleagues perform works by one of England’s greatest composers, Benjamin Britten. Britten’s Six Metamorphoses after Ovid, Op. 49 guides the listener through six vignettes of Britten’s interpretation of Ovid’s wonderful evocation of classical mythology. Though Britten wrote Six Metamorphoses in 1951 for the oboist Joy Boughton, Humbert Lucarelli’s performance of it is legendary, and set a standard for oboe performance still talked about today. Britten’s Phantasy Quartet for oboe and strings, Op. 2, provides Lucarelli with another opportunity for interpretive triumph of Britten; a composer with whom he has such deep understanding and clear connection to. The Suite for Violin and Piano, Op. 6 is a special treat in that we hear a tour de force performance by pianist Thomas Grubb and violinist Gerald Tarack. Newly remastered by Lyrichord's Nick Fritsch, in association with Humbert Lucarelli.

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Benjamin Britten: Six Metamorphoses after Ovid, Opus 49, 

Artists: Humbert Lucarelli, Oboe, Gerald Tarack, violin
Thomas Grubb, piano, The New Art String Trio

01 Pan    2:04      
02 Phaeton   1:26   
03 Niobe   2:11    
04 Bacchus    1:45    
05 Narcissus    2:43   
06 Arethusa    2:13    

Benjamin Britten: Suite for Violin & Piano, Opus 6

07 March   2:46    
08 Moto Perpetuo    2:50    
09 Lullaby (Britten)    4:23
10 Waltz (Britten)    4:52
11 Phantasy Quartet, Opus 2. (Britten)    12:42   

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