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These are the folk songs of the Newars and the Tamangs people of central Nepal. Their songs incorporate both local popular tunes, as well as ancient and tribal folk songs in which the spiritual and supernatural world intermingle with aspects of daily life.

In his notes, Stephan Castelli notes that it is difficult to trace a unifying profile of Nepalese culture. The geographical position and the geomorphology of this little Himalayan state, which has almost always been isolated from the outside world and literally compressed between the great powers of India and Tibet (China) has resulted in a population which, despite its proximity to one another, speaks different dialects and practices traditions and styles of singing which are quite different from each other. Within each of these "micro-cultures" can be found influences originating in the most diverse territories and ethnic groups and these are not always easy to identify or date. FOLK SONGS of NEPAL provides us with a rare glimpse into the world of these distant and isolated peoples.

1. Padma Sambhava Can't Eat - 0:46
2. Ganv Ganv Bathautha - 2:57
3. Sunna Na Sunna Na - 0:44
4. Sunna Nahin - 1:43
5. A Soldier's Letter - 3:15
6. The Conditions Of Man - 1:51
7. Song Of The Unhappy Young Woman - 0:46
8. The Story Of Manu Tamang - 1:49
9. Song Of Manu Tamang - 2:05
10. Lhasa Gita - 1:41
11. Jhyaure Evening - 2:12
12. Jhyaure Of Dharma - 0:57
13. The Story Of Padma Sambhava - 1:34
14. Jhayangri(Shaman therapy) - 2:07
15. Story Of The Man With 2 Houses - 1:30
16. Rani Of The Jungle - 8:15
17. Mountaineer's Love Song - 2:31

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