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African Rhythms and Instruments Vol. 3 DOWNLOAD ONLY LYR-7339

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The long awaited third and final volume of "African Rhythms and Instruments" is full of exuberant recordings from the political and musical event that has become legend - the first Pan-African Cultural Festival held in Algiers during the summer of 1969. Performers from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya, are heard performing on bandir and derbuka, bagpipe, wind instruments and voices, in a once-in-a-lifetime event. This momentous recording is a celebration of both musical tradition and political liberation from long years under colonialist rule.


1. Gnaua - Moroccan Gnaua Musicians
2. Moroccan Wind and Percussion 1 - Moroccan Gnaua Musicians
3. Moroccan Wind and Percussion 2 - Moroccan Gnaua Musicians
4. Alegrian Wind and Percussion - Algerian Ensemble
5. Tuaregh - Musicians of Southern Algeria
6. Wind, Percussion and Voices From West Algeria - Ensemble of West Algeria
7. Tunisian Winds and Percussion - Tunisian Ensemble
8. Bagpipers, Percussion and Voices 1 - Tunisian Ensemble
9. Bagpipers, Percussion and Voices 2 - Tunisian Ensemble
10. Libyan Dances and Drums - Libyan Ensemble
11. Final Parade -Libyan Ensemble
12. Spear Dance - Tuaregh - Libyan Dancers and Ensemble

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