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More treasures from the original Lyrichord recordings of renowned oud and sultania master H. Aram Gulezyan and his instrumentalists, including harpist David L. Shaul. "Exotic Music Of The Oud", features many of the compositions in the traditional Near Eastern style that have made Gulezyan an international star, such as "Bayaty","Istanbul" and "Cefti Telli" but Gulezyan goes on to explore a variety of other unique stylings and improvisations including pieces played on the Indian "Sarod", 9th Century Moorish pieces from Spain, and even an English inspired Ballad from the Renaissance. Then he and harpist Shaul perform a stunning variety of Middle Eastern duets.

H. Aram Gulezyan (or "Gulezian") passed away in March 2008, at the very respectable age of 101. He was a great musician and passionate musicologist, who never seemed to be without a burning enthusiasm for all the many musical and cultural research projects he continuously pursued. - Nick Fritsch, President, Lyrichord Discs

Click here to read obituary on Mike's Oud Forums blog.

Bayaty - 6:04 ("Jannig Dance" Oud and Drum [Dombag])
2. Istanbul - 3:44 (Ensemble, with Oud)
3. Bir Isee - 2:46 (Ensemble, Oud and Sultania)
4. Cefti Telli - 3:47 (Ensemble, with Oud)
5. Leila - 3:58 (ensemble, with Oud)
6. Oud Improvisations - 4:10 (Oud Solo)
7. English Ballad - 2:34 ("Rippling Brook" Oud Solo)
8. Country Gardens - 1:18 (Oud Solo)
9. Algeria - 3:55 (Oud and Guitar)
10. Dance Kartikeyya - 3:14 (Sarod of India)
11. Sultania Samahi - 4:51 (Sultania Solo)
12. Raga Behag - 5:25
13. Hejaz - 4:58 (Oud and Harp)
14. Round Dance - 3:00 (Oud and Harp)
15. Fantasie Arabe - 7:03 (Oud and Harp)

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