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Featuring Jerry O'Sullivan, uilleann pipes, penny whistle, Nilson Matta and Jered Egan, bass, Sean Harkness, guitar, Amy Platt, tenor sax, clarinets, Randy Crafton, percussion, Amit Chatterjee, tanpura, Chris Cunningham, sintir, Michelle Kinney, cello, Jon Kass, fiddle, Jorge Alfano, kena, Wayne Hankin, gemshorn. Produced by Randy Crafton.
In her first solo recording, Sandra Reid invites the listener to share her enchanted journey through the musical traditions of French and Breton folk songs. With selections from the Old World and the New, sung in their original languages, Sandra evokes the journey that her ancestors made, crossing the Atlantic to settle in an unknown land. What she achieved in the exclusively Celtic realm with her last successful disc Hal-an-tow, Songs of the Six Celtic Nations, Sandra now brings to the songs of France, Brittany, Canada and Louisiana. Her glowing vocals celebrate the richness of traditional music by weaving her fresh innovations through these ageless tunes. Sandra Reid's exuberant singing brings us "home", no matter what our roots are. Excellent liner notes by Alexei Kondratiev printed in English and French.

1. L'Amoureux de Margot (Traditional) - 3:14
2. Ar Pilhaouer (The Ragpicker) (Traditional) - 3:25
3. Blanche Comme la Neige (White as Snow) (Traditional) - 4:25
4. Kimiad an Ene (The Soul's Farewell) (Traditional) - 3:12
5. Kostez Plouskorv (By the Side of... (Traditional) - 3:41
6. Les Raftsmen (The Raftsmen) (Traditional) - 1:51
7. Un Canadien Errant (A Wandering Canandian) (Traditional) - 3:19
8. The Huron Carol (Jesous Ahatonhia) (Traditional) - 5:20
9. AR Vrozhig Ruz (The Little Red Skirt) (Traditional) - 1:42
10. Gwerz AR Vechantez (The Ballad of the... (Traditional) - 1:42
11. Louisiana Suite (Traditional) - 3:58
12. Vive l'Amour (Traditional) - 4:20
13. La Blanche Biche (The White Doe) (Traditional) - 4:43
14. Ma Zadig a Ma Mamm [*] (Traditional) - 2:23



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