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Zambia: The Songs of Mukanda MCM-3008

Zambia: The Songs of Mukanda MCM-3008

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From Chavuma, the Zambezi District of the Northwestern Province of Zambia, this release focuses on the Luvale people and the mukanda, a series of ceremonies, festivals, and events all accompanied by music, song, and dance that serve as the rites of passage and traditional education that transforms immature boys into young men. The fieldworker has captured the essence of the ceremony and excellent examples of the call and response form along with musical accompaniment. 23 tracks. 61 minutes. Recorded by Ken'ichi Tsukada.

"It is to his [fieldworker, Ken'ichi Tsukada] credit that he took the time and personal energy to finally be trusted to observe and record these remarkable tapes." - Cliff Furnald, CMJ

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Sunrise Songs

Sunset Songs

Greeting and Bidding Farewell to Guests


Purification Ceremony

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