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The curtain rises and musicians enter in order, carrying the flute, shoulder drum, side drum and floor drum. Next the chorus enters and sits, placing their fans before them. The flute begins an ancient song; a Noh play is about to begin. Noh drama has its origin in ancient forms of entertainment. A classical Noh performances would consist of 5 Noh plays of different types, with three comic interludes. Both actors and chorus sing. Here elements of a program are described and recorded. 9 items.

Ghosts of warriors, noble ladies, demons, deities, passions and insanity - these are the subjects of the famed Noh plays of Japan. With its spectacular costumes and expressive carved wooden masks, Noh Theater has no counterparts in the West. The music accompanying these plays contributes to the intense drama which has captivated audiences since the fifteenth century. Rarely performed in the West, this collection, recorded in Japan by Katsumasa Takasago, captures an intense music at its most compelling, moving, unsettling and unforgettable!

1. Deha - 2:40
2. Nakairiraigyo - 1:55
3. Jonomai - 7:53
4. Otokomai - 2:41
5. Sagariha - 5:16
6. Kammai - 2:24
7. Gaku - 5:00
8. Kagura - 6:34
9. Hagoromo - 8:11

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