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Tibetan Buddhist Rites from the Monasteries of Bhutan, Volume IV <font color="bf0606"><i>DOWNLOAD ONLY</i></font> LYR-7258

Tibetan Buddhist Rites from the Monasteries of Bhutan, Volume IV DOWNLOAD ONLY LYR-7258

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Bhutan - closest neighbor and sole heir to the mighty civilization and traditions of Tibet. These are the extraordinary recordings of the temple rituals and sacred ceremonies of the monks of Bhutan.
Recorded in the great monasteries by John Levy, this four CD set represents possibly the most extensive and important recorded documents of Tibetan ceremonial music ever undertaken! Invited by the king of Bhutan, Levy was afforded every facility for recording monastic music in the principal dzongs (great fort-like monasteries) of the Nyingmapa Order. The ethereal Polytonal throat chanting, the long trumpets, shawms and percussion instruments, the processional music and spectacular mask dances, Tibetan and Bhutanese secular songs and poems, all reproduced with incredibly sonic fidelity! A truly remarkable collection, this set is complete with four compact discs with extensive liner notes, photographs, and musical illustrations by John Levy.

Volume Four features performances on both Tibetan and Bhutanese lutes and fiddles, beautiful folksongs, and a part of a drama of Tibetan origin performed by a troupe of yak and cow herdsmen of eastern Bhutan. Includes extensive detailed original liner notes, photos and musical illustrations by John Levy.

1. Tashi Laso (At the Top of Lucky Valley) performed by Ge-te Do-pe - 3:44
2. Ada le O (In Dongkar Chodren) (In Tibet) performed by Ge-te Do-pe - 1:19
3. Tuning of the Bhutanese Dramnyen performed by Ge-te Do-pe - 0:32
4. Dramnyen Solo. Lhasa Norbuling La performed by Ge-te Do-pe - 2:28
5. Dong Lim performed by Ge-te Do-pe - 1:38
6. Pilgrim's Song performed by Droma - 2:12
7. Gesar Janglu Jombe Gang performed by Ge-te Do-pe - 2:21
8. Bem performed by Trinlem of Tongsa - 4:57
9. The Palaces of Gesar's Family performed by Trinlem of Tongsa - 2:02
10. Pawo, Oracles' Song and Dance performed by four men - 3:13
11. Tibetan Dramnyen performed by Amanul - 3:50
12. Tibetan Fiddle performed by Ho-chhin - 1:42
13. Tshultrim Namja performed by Trayab Minstrel - 2:30
14. Ta Pa Kham Bu Ku Shu Sum la Ga Na performed by Trayab Minstrel - 3:01
15. Chhokhor to Pai Zhe performed by Chhokhor Valley Choir - 1:57
16. Ura Gi Ache Lhamo performed by Women from Ura - 1:42
17. Nubshe performed by Men From Zhi - 5:02
18. Nubshem performed by Women from Zhi - 1:55
19. Zhunrdra - 3:05
20. Ache Lhamo - 2:04

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